Ever wanted to use timber frame in your construction process but been put off by concerns about lead times, capital cost or limited product range? So were we.

To address this, we invested in an extensive research programme into timber frame construction worldwide. Our research focus considered not only the technical aspects of material and manufacturing production, but also how these can actually be used to drive down costs and exceed our client needs.

Our company was subsequently established in 2000 with the support of a DTI SMART Award for Innovation. Following a further two years of market research into customer need, manufacturing process and extensive site trials, our efforts have again been recognised with a further SMART Award presented in 2003 for our manufacturing process.

So, whether your concerns are:

• technical - e.g., acoustic, fire or thermal performance

• commercial - e.g., lead times, product cost or product choice

• environmental - e.g., sustainable materials, waste reduction or lean production

at The Homes Factory we have an innovative solution to your needs that is:

• Cheaper

• Faster

• Designed around your needs

We are now pleased to invite you to explore what we believe is the simplest, cheapest and most flexible approach to timber frame construction available in the UK.

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Luxury flats - Hove

Luxury flats - Hove

Executive house - Kent

Executive house - Kent


Flats and houses - Kent

In developing our approach we have focused on three simple ideas, namely:

• Reducing costs

• Increasing flexibility

• Delighting consumers

These three core ideas feature in every decision we take. At every stage of the design, development and construction process we have strived to identify not only the most effective product solutions available but also and most importantly, the most effective manufacturing process. This way we produce high quality, cost effective solutions that deliver bespoke designs on a scheme-by-scheme basis.

We have developed a range of methods which allow for the construction and assembly of the finished timber frame product on site.

At its simplest, this involves assembling the timber frame directly on the oversight – completely removing the need for a factory! This also means that tolerance problems can always be overcome as the frame is designed to suit each and every oversite. For larger schemes, we are also able to offer a fleet of Homes Factories, which are, quite literally. 'mini-factories on a lorry'.

This on site manufacture greatly simplifies our engineering design process to the point where we can typically be on site within 4 weeks from first sight of the drawings for the scheme.

Our materials are generally pre-cut and treated at source, minimising handling charges and cutting fixed factory overheads. This way we have direct control of the whole of the manufacturing and assembly process enabling us to offer real value to you - our clients.

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Health & Safety

SMAS and Safety Schemes In Procurement

The Homes Factory are committed to the positive promotion of health and safety, minimising risk and preventing injury and ill health to all persons using the site or who may be affected by the construction activities.

We are a member of SMAS which are recognised by Safety Schemes In Procurement.

All employees on their part are encouraged to contribute actively towards achieving a work environment that is free of accident and ill health. Our health and safety policy is reviewed annually to monitor effectiveness and to ensure that it reflects change in needs and circumstances. It is our aim to achieve a working environment that is free of work related accidents and ill health and to this end we will pursue continuing improvements from year to year. All our operatives undertake Health & Safety training and are CSCS accredited.

Frame under construction

Frame under construction

The most obvious benefit is that our products are significantly more cost effective. This is achieved through avoiding a static factory overhead, a simplified design process and simple material logistics. When the speed of timber frame assembly is taken into account, along with the superior technical performance standards of our products, we believe that we genuinely offer a better product at a better price. Other benefits include:

Cost effective

Rapid start times - our unique approach allows 4 week lead times from order to start on site. We believe this is unique for any framing system.

Adaptability - our on-site approach means we can readily accommodate late design changes ensuring the smooth running of your build programme.

Quality - fully trained site based operatives ensure a right- first-time-every-time approach can be achieved.

Environmental Impact - our bespoke design and site construction approach simply means we use less:-

less material

less transport and

less waste in the production of our products.

In addition, The Homes Factory operates an Environmental Management System to ensure that our activities create the minimum negative impact on the environment.

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Wooden framework detail


Building in progress

Our research has shown that the standard timber frame package often disappoints in that it does not supply a complete structural shell. Our customer focus allows us to address this and provide a more comprehensive package tailored to the scheme needs. This would typically include:

Line loads and engineering calculations for Building Control

Wall, floor and roof structures including all plasterboard noggings to ceilings and walls

All requisite fire stops

All thermal insulation

Clear span floors using web beams

Our enhanced product range is designed to provide a more complete housing product to suit the scheme or end user needs. Options include:

Timber ground floors

Roof membrane, tile battens, timber fascia and soffit

Acoustic separating floors to meet new Part L requirements


A choice of light weight cladding options and windows to provide a complete superstructure package.

Our clients include:


Social housing providers


Local Education Authorities and


So if your interest in timber frame is in housing and flats, commercial projects or individually designed self build homes and your after friendly, expert impartial advice – give us a call!

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Timber framework


Modern flats


Modern flats


Our product is always assembled by skilled qualified carpenters rather than frame erection crews. To this end, we take the training, education and welfare of our operatives extremely seriously.

We have established a training programme with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) for all our site operatives. This includes a strong health & safety element. We also offer a training course for clients, site supervisors and follow-on trades.

We have also prepared an NVQ Standard for our construction approach. This means that a CSCS card system will be available for our operatives.

Download our Case Studies (PDF file)

Frame under construction


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